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Updated: May 14


My name is Nicole Vermillon and I am the designer and owner of Vermilli.

I wanted to share a little bit about my company and the face masks we produce.

Vermilli is a women's clothing brand, made in Honolulu, Hawaii.

We are known for flowing silhouettes, amazingly soft fabric and bright, tropical prints.

In response to the COVID19 pandemic, we quickly switched gears and asked our local factory to create face masks instead of clothes.


The Vermilli Team is comprised of local businesses and individuals:

  • 2 sewing factories located in Honolulu, Hawaii

  • 2 assistants who do everything from cutting, packing orders and maintaining quality control

  • I also rent a workspace from a local business owner. This is where all the magic happens (cutting, sewing and fabric storage :)

The team is like my family and I believe it is important to keep them working.


Within a two week period in early March, 90% of my store orders for March, April and May were cancelled. Additionally, I was no longer permitted to sell my products at the local markets. Suddenly, Vermilli clothing production came to a grinding halt.

As states around the US began asking for homemade face masks, I thought, "we can make these!"

Using the same soft, luxurious fabric which our customer loves, we drafted a pattern that works to cover you nose and mouth in the most comfortable way possible.


In an effort to help with the shortage of masks for healthcare workers and first responders, I knew we needed the community's help. With every purchase, the cost of an additional mask is paid for. This way, together, we can donate them to facilities in need.

Currently, my team and I are actually able to make 1.5 (1 and 1/2) donation masks for every 1 mask purchased.

These masks are distributed to local healthcare facilities and essential workers within the community (see our list below!)


900+ Masks From Your Donations have Been Delivered or are Currently in Production!

  • 78- Individual healthcare workers in Hawaii delivered April 3rd

  • 15- Queen's Medical - Cardiology Associates delivered April 5th

  • 10- Eyecare Center in Ala Moana delivered April 5th

  • 42- Queen's Medical Center delivered April 9th, April 14th

  • 82- Arcadia Family (Kapuna Healthcare) delivered April 13th, April 22nd

  • 38- Honolulu Police Department delivered April 15th

  • 60- Hawaii Pacific Health delivered April 21st

  • 50- Masks 4 Hawaii delivered April 21st

  • ​107- ​Waikiki Lifeguard Association delivered April 28th

  • 100- VA Pacific Islands Health Care System delivered May 1st

  • 40- Kaiser Permanente Honolulu delivered May 1st

  • 30- Ethos Veterinary Health delivered May 1st

  • 40- Hilo Medical Center Hazmat Team delivered May 6th

  • 145- Pu'uhonua O Wai'anae (homeless community) delivered May 8th

  • Currently sewing a batch of masks for Kaiser Permanente (35), Hawaii Pacific Health (50), Pu'uhonua O Wai'anae (homeless community) (250) Check back here for updates!

With the purchase of your mask, you're enabling the Vermilli team to keep working and you're helping the community at the same time.




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