If you don't know me, my name is Nicole Vermillion and I'm the creator and designer of Vermilli. 

I live in Honolulu, Hawaii and am fully committed to keeping Vermilli sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

Please see below for all of the steps that I am taking to make sure that Vermilli fulfills it's eco-friendly promise.

xo, Nicole

  • Vermilli is created in Honolulu, Hawaii, supporting local families and helping to create a self-sustainable economy.

  • We use digitally printed fabric, which is more efficient process, creates less pollutants and requires less water when compared to other printing techniques.

  • Our fabric producers are committed to sustainability as well, making sure that all water is treated to remove chemicals, oil and dye before returning to the environment.  Often, lighter dyed water is reused for darker batches.

  • In our RTW clothing line, we use Lenzing thread.  Lenzing Inc. focuses on sustainable use of the tree and partners with multiple universities to constantly improve the extraction and re-growth of the forests.

  • In our Swimwear Collection, we use Repreve fabric.  This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles!

  • Vermilli also donates unworn clothing to non-profit organizations through out the state of Hawaii.

  • Vermilli donates all scrap fabric from production to local schools in Honolulu, Hawaii.

May 2019-Local students at Assets School in Honolulu, Hawaii

using scrap Vermilli fabric to create display cork boards.


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Sun Bleached, Salt Stained, Sand Everywhere...

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